Join Early Access 20 Bil Staking Cap

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CAGA Network Mainnet Live on March - April 2024

✨ Receive airdrop as you stake!

Join Early Access 20 Bil Staking Cap

Staking in new CAGA network is capped at 20 Bil in the 1st Year


🔒 Secure Staking Spot

Lock CAGA tokens for a guaranteed staking position

📄 Contract Address view on Etherscan


💰 Earn Rewards

Earn rewards in the new CAGA Network

🔄 Smooth Transition

Seamless bridging to the upcoming CAGA Network

✅ Maximize Benefits

Potential rewards and benefits through early staking

🪂 Earn Airdrops

Exclusive airdrops as you stake

How it works?


Connect your wallet


Indicate the amount you would like to stake


Once the CAGA Network is live, your tokens will automatically bridge and participate in staking

Stake CAGA

Stake CAGA(ETH) and receive CAGA(CAGA) + rewards
when CAGA Network is out

The action is irreversible. Please note that you will only be allowed to unstake when CAGA network is live. You will not receive any staking rewards from the day you lock your tokens until CAGA mainnet network is live. Staking will start taking place when the CAGA mainnet network is live approximately in March - April 2024.