Campaign 2: CAGA BUY & HODL

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Campaign 2: CAGA BUY & HODL


Prize Pool: 50,000,000 CAGA

7th February to 30 April

Dive into the action from 7th February to 30th April, and secure your spot in the ultimate race for a slice of the jaw-dropping 50 million CAGA Prize Pool!

But here's the catch - it's not just about buying, it's about earning points, and every block of 50,000 CAGA is your ticket to glory! Purchase CAGA, earn points, and be part of the legendary journey towards the Mainnet launch. The CAGA Point Rally awaits!

1 Point for every block of 50,000 CAGA
300,000 CAGA bought = 6 points

50 Million CAGA Prize Pool

More than 11 Points

Share 60% of Prize Pool

Between 6 Points to 10 Points

Share 25% of Prize Pool

Between 1 Points to 5 Points

Share 15% of Prize Pool

Campaign 2: Register Details

Register your details to qualify sharing of prize pool
Important: You are to submit full details to qualify

Campaign 2.1: Submit TXID

Boost your share of the prize pool by staking more, submit your transaction hash now.

How to participate?


Purchase CAGA on Uniswap


Create your wallet or connect your existing wallet (eg Web3 Wallet: MetaMask, Coinbase, Brave, imToken)


Indicate the amount of CAGA you'd like to stake


Approve the purchase of CAGA


HODL on your wallet until April 30th 2024 23:00 UTC


Submit your Transaction details on CAGA Galxe Campaign to qualify

💡 Important Note: Staking of CAGA is final and irreversible, and CAGA will be unlocked on CAGA mainnet. CAGA mainnet will be live approximately in March - April 2024.

Terms & Conditions

Participants who submitted invalid information or submitting same TXID more than once may result in disqualification.

Participants will require an EVM wallet address (e.g 0x..) (eg Web3 Wallet: MetaMask, Coinbase, Brave, imToken) to participate.

Cheating, gaming the system, or any form of unfair advantage will result in disqualification.

Participants must adhere to the rules of each task to qualify for points.

Winners will be announced on CAGA official socials within 14 business days after the campaign has ended.

The rewards will be available and claimable within 14 business days after the CAGA Network on mainnet is out. If the reward is not claimed after 60 days, it will be returned to the CAGA Treasury.

Eligible wallet addresses will be white listed and published on CAGA official airdrop site - participants will be required to claim from the airdrop site by connecting their wallet address.

Staking on CAGA must be made on-chain.

Once staked on CAGA smart contract, participants will not be able to unstake until the CAGA mainnet is launched.

CAGA reserves the right to modify these terms at our sole discretion.

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